Global Health Challenges

Health experts believe that the present need is to address issues related to provision of public health and care facilities instead of focusing on disease specific problems. Investments from public as well as private sectors may be rising but the provision of quality health care still varies across the world. Besides the cost, there are several social, economic, political and cultural factors due to which provision of healthcare becomes a Global Health Challenge in many countries.

There are several challenges associated with global healthcare facilities. People who don’t require health care too often are the ones who enjoy these facilities the most. Whereas the access to basic health care services is very poor for people who are not financially strong. This chasm is being predicted to grow deeper in the coming years if equal distribution of hygiene and healthcare is not implemented. The fact that the rich often benefit from such services as compared to the low income group, policymakers need to implement effective measures to fill the gap. Fragmented care is another challenge associated with global health care. A holistic approach is not being adopted by disease control programs at the community level due to which quality care is not reaching the needy.

Herbal supplements are products made from plants for use in the treatment and management of certain diseases and medical conditions.
Herbal supplements commonly address specific medical concerns, such as the common cold, menopause, or memory loss. All plants, including herbs, naturally synthesize many (sometimes hundreds) of complex chemical compounds as part of their metabolic activities. Many of these compounds are not directly related to the plant’s energy production but are toxins synthesized by the plant in order to ward off other plants, herbivores, and plant parasites. Thus, all plant materials contain large numbers of chemical compounds, some of which may exert a desired physiological effect and others which may exert no effect whatever or any number of undesirable effects when consumed by humans. In fact, many herbs contain chemical compounds that act oppositely from the principal active ingredient.

Health Challenges
For most herbs, the specific ingredient that causes a therapeutic effect is not known. Whole herbs contain many ingredients, and it is likely that they work together to produce the desired medicinal effect. Many factors affect how effective an herb will be. Many herbs have several active compounds that interact with one another to produce a therapeutic effect. An herbal supplement may contain all of the compounds found in a plant, or just one or two of the isolated compounds that have been successfully extracted. Many plants contain essential oils that are distilled, packaged, and sold unregulated to the public for medicinal purposes. Essential oils include any of a class of volatile oils composed of a mixture of complex hydrocarbons (often terpenes, alkaloids, and other large molecular weight compounds) extracted from a plant.

There is no doubt that the health sector has undergone a revolution. Average life expectancy nearly doubled in several developed countries. New technologies are coming up with the help of which doctors are looking for cure to new diseases. Developing countries also witnessed less extensive yet notable improvements in the mortality rates. But one also can’t deny the fact that there are still many countries within which the poor section has minimal access to quality care and this calls for measures to attain health for all.

According to the World Health Organization, health care provision needs to be measured if countries want to attain health for all. Industry experts feel that a large part of investments in the health sector is leaking away without showing any result. Therefore, governments and healthcare agencies need to work in co-ordination and ensure that the money is used in the right direction.

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